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What could be better than a refreshing, sweet and delicious drink for this summer?

This ICED LATTE will be ready to enjoy in just 2 minutes!
It's super quick and easy to make and requires very few ingredients.


But first, which coffee and milk to choose?

We recommend our Daterra thanks to its roundness and its chocolaty, fudgy notes which stand out even more when consumed cold, and which will go perfectly with the sweetness of the milk.

Regarding the milk, it depends on your taste :

  • Cow's milk will be fairly neutral but round and generous in the mouth
  • Oat milk will be tasty and smooth
  • Almond milk will be strong in taste but very light in texture
  • Soy milk will be neutral and very light in texture; you can choose it flavoured


What you will need :

  • As many ice cubes you like
  • 2 espresso shots (around 40mL) of Daterra 
  • Milk of your choice (around 100mL)

As we want the coolest drink possible, make sure you take a cold glass and wait for your espresso shot to cool down.


STEP 1 :

Fill your empty glass with ice cubes


STEP 2 :

Pour the espresso shots into the glass (or 1 shot if you prefer it lighter)

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STEP 3 :

Gently add the milk of your choice to the top of the glass for a pretty two-tone drink

iced coffee, iced latte, latte art, gust coffee, cold coffee, brewing guide, barista, oat milk, soy milk


STEP 4 :

(Take some nice pictures), enjoy and refresh yourself with this ICED LATTE !

iced coffee, iced latte, latte art, gust coffee, brewing guide, coffee recipe, barista, oat milk, soy milk

Don't hesitate to tag us on instagram @gustcoffeeroasters if you reproduce the recipe ! We want to see the most beautiful ICED LATTE !