From your coffee needs to the right equipment and training,
we help you create the best customer coffee experience. 


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Coffee bar, restaurant or bakery, we believe ethical specialty coffee should be accessible to everyone. Passionate and professional, we assist you throughout your venture:

COFFEE: we search for the best coffee option based on your criteria, style and customers, always fresh, ethical and delicious. We organise coffee tastings and let you discover different origins and tasting notes.

EQUIPMENT: we help you find the right equipment for your business, at the best price.

TRAINING: we train you and your staff to make that perfect cup of coffee, but we also go a step further and learn you what's behind the coffee origin, how we select our coffee origins (cupping) and we show you how we carefully roast our coffees.

FOLLOW UP AND ASSISTANCE: we are your partner and we're always available to listen and assist you, no business is too small for us. We deliver our coffee in sealed alu-free bags with oxygen barrier, or in zero-waste reusable containers, always fresh and in time!


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