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... with a passion for good things.
Excellent coffee was one of these things and Tanguy decided to change horizons when he discovered specialty coffee and the multitude of amazing different flavour notes a coffee can contain.  
He decided to follow his heart and go back to the values that were really important for him: real, honest craftmanship.
He wanted to smell, taste and create delicious specialty coffee, but not at any price. Besides the quality, he wanted a coffee from ethical and sustainable origins and with a minimum of intermediaries across the coffee supply chain.
So beginning of 2020, Gust Coffee Roasters was founded, a micro-coffee roastery located in the south of Brussels.



We believe that behind every great coffee there's an origin and a true story about people and cultures. With our coffee we want to travel back to that origin and bring you traceability on the coffee that you drink, from the farmer until it arrives in your cup.

Because you can only get the best coffee if you go back to the origin.

 koffiebonen, torréfacteur, koffie brander, grains de café, specialty coffee 

We want you to re-discover what good coffee really is: FRESH. ETHICAL. DELICIOUS.

With our coffee we hope to make a small wind of change in today's unfair coffee industry. More than 90% of the coffee sold in the world is traded on the commodity market and prices paid to the coffee farmers is just ridiculously low, the majority of the farmers do not make any profit with coffee and most of the times they barely have enough to feed their family and give their workers decent living conditions.

It takes almost a year to harvest coffee cherries and if everything goes well, the right weather conditions, the right picking and processing of the beans, the coffee farmer sells his green coffee beans for a price defined on the stock market, independently of the quality.

Therefore we only work with sustainable specialty coffee traders, we know exactly the origin and the traceability of the coffee beans, and we secure a fair price for the small coffee farmers, that is well above the commodity market price.



coffee roaster, torréfacteur, koffiebrander, specialty coffee, coffee beans, koffiebonen, grains de café

We roast in small batches on a Probat 5KG roasting machine, for ultimate freshness of the coffee. We always roast the Scandinavian way, which means roasting slowly and at a low temperature, without burning the beans like it's mostly done in the industrial coffees.

With this lighter roast we discover the natural flavours and subtle aroma's of each coffee origin, and we adapt the roasting profile to get the best out of it.

The result is a delicious and balanced coffee with sweetness, body and smooth acidity!

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