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Welcome to Gust Coffee Roasters, we're a Belgian third wave specialty coffee roastery in the south of Brussels.

Obsessed about the best specialty coffees across the world, our mission is to let you discover how fresh, ethical and delicious coffee tastes like.

How it all started.

When a few years ago, Tanguy Herssens, discovered what specialty coffee could actually bring in terms of taste complexity and the multitude of different flavour notes you can find, it literally started haunting him!
He decided to start sourcing and roasting his very own special(ty) coffees.

The obsession he got for this little red fruit, he wants to share it with you! 

Our Philosophy.

Gust Coffee Roasters was born out of the desire to do things a bit differently from what coffee represents today.

For us, at Gust, we believe specialty coffee is the best of what coffee can and should be. It's thus a combination of quality, sustainability and people, and how these all work together for a better future in coffee.

Therefore we carefully select only the most sustainable, ethical and seasonal specialty coffees around the globe. 
While sourcing only fresh crop, we hand-roast our coffees slowly and in small batch, to respect and enhance the natural flavors of each coffee origin, bringing you excellence in every coffee you'll taste from us.

Our Sourcing.

Searching for the most outstanding single-origins is one thing, but we believe it shouldn't be at any price. Besides the quality, we want to find coffees from ethical and sustainable origins and with a minimum of intermediaries across the coffee supply chain. We only buy fresh, seasonal crop.

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‘Gust’ literally means ‘a sudden strong rush of wind’, and that's what we also aim for with our coffees. We hope to make a small wind of change in today's unfair coffee industry and make specialty coffee more accessible to everyone.

More than 95% of the coffee sold in the world is traded on the commodity market and prices paid to the coffee farmers are just ridiculously low. The majority of the farmers do not make any profit with coffee and most of the times they barely have enough to feed their family and give their workers decent living conditions.

As it almost takes a year to harvest coffee cherries and if everything goes well, the right weather conditions, the right picking and processing of the beans, the coffee farmer sells his green coffee beans for a price defined on the stock market, independently of the quality.
At Gust we define a price based on the quality and taste of a coffee, and independent from the stock market prices, securing a fair price for everyone in the value chain.

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Our Roasting.

To ensure quality and freshness, we roast weekly, to order and in small batches. Once roasted, your coffee is packed and shipped directly from our roastery.

We roast our coffees on "Ross", a Probat 5KG roasting machine. Our roast profiles, light to medium roasted, are tailor-made for each lot of coffee to fully enjoy and discover the natural flavours and subtle aroma's.

coffee roaster, gust coffee, tanguy herssens, specialty coffee, torréfacteur, koffiebrander

specialty coffee, coffee roaster, ethical coffee

The result is a delicious and balanced coffee with sweetness, body and smooth acidity! Hence you will discover for every single-origin unique characteristics of the terroir and amazing tasting notes.

Thank you for drinking Gust coffee, thank you for making a difference !

freshly roasted coffee beans, specialty coffee, coffee roaster, grains de café, torréfacteur, koffiebonen, koffie brander

 Our obsession. Your coffee.