Device: Orea V3 brewer
Ratio: 16g of coffee for 240g of water (1:15)
Water: use soft water (50-100ppm) at 93-94°C
Target TDS: 1.25-1.35

Step 1: Rinse paper filter with hot water to remove paper taste. Don't forget to drain this water for the next steps.

Step 2: Grind 16g of freshly roasted coffee beans, medium-fine grind size (21 clicks on Comandante), and add it into your paper filter. Tap gently on the side to obtain a flat bed of coffee. Tare your scale and start the timer. 

Step 3: First pour 50g hot water in circles to the coffee grounds and let it bloom 30 seconds. This will enable the coffee to degaz the CO² accumulated during the roasting.

Step 4: Pour 60g of water every 30 seconds, until you hit the 240g of water. Stir lightly if necessary halfway through the process. If the total time is higher or below the 2:00-2:20, re-adapt the grind size next time. If too fast, make it finer, if too slow, make it coarser.

Step 5: Remove the filter and pour the coffee in a cup. Let it cool down a bit before drinking, you will better experience the subtle flavours when the coffee is not too hot.

Take the time to smell the aroma's and try determining the tasting notes you experience !