Brewed hot or cold, Cascara is a super interesting way to enjoy a fruity drink, without wasting anything from that amazing coffee plant we love so much!

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Cascara, which means “husk,” “peel” or “skin” in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries. Coffee beans are the seed of a fruit, which is called the coffee cherry. The fleshy fruit can vary in colour based on its variety, but is most often red when ripe. The cherry itself contains caffeine (that’s how coffee gets its caffeine), potassium and is high in antioxidants. The fruit protects its seeds against insects and other wildlife as they grow and develop.
what is cascara, coffee cherry, coffee bean, coffee fruit

In many cases the coffee cherries are turned into compost and used on the farm as fertilizer, but in some cases the coffee farmer also produce dried coffee cherries for export, this is called Cascara.
Although it comes from the coffee plant, Cascara tastes nothing like coffee when brewed. Because it’s brewed from a dried fruit, it most closely relates to an herbal tea or tisane.

Cascara generally has a caffeine content that is about 25% that of coffee or less, even after a longer than normal steeping period. It has been surmised that the sugars present in the cascara contribute to the energized feeling reported by many of its drinkers.
Brewed hot or cold, our Cascara from Finca Las Lajas - Costa Rica is a super interesting way to enjoy a fruity, drink with notes of watermelon, red currant and hibiscus!



Drink it hot:
- weight out 10g of Cascara
- add 400g of hot water at 95°C (brew ratio 1:40) in a tea pot with filter or french press
- wait for 4 minutes and stir 5 times
- wait another 4 minutes and your infusion is ready!
hot cascara, brew cascara, cascara coffee
Drink it cold:
- weight out 20g of Cascara
- add 400g of cold water (brew ratio 1:20) in a tea pot with filter or french press
- let it sit in your fridge overnight (10-18h)
- remove the Cascara from the filter
- Add some ice cubes and your cold cascara is ready!
cascara dried coffee cherries

And if you don't have the time or patience to prepare it yourself, why not trying our naturally infused Cascara drink instead!