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Colombia - Diego Bermudez | filter

Colombia - Diego Bermudez | filter

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Complex, juicy, ripe plum, berry jam, lactic acidity & candy sweetness.
Just a few adjectives that summarize what you’ll find in this new OMG coffee (*Oh My Gust) from Diego Bermúdez, the Willy Wonka of Colombian coffee!

ORIGIN: Colombia
PRODUCER: Finca El Paraíso by Diego Samuel Bermúdez
REGION: Piendamó - Cauca
VARIETAL: Castillo (100% specialty grade arabica)
PROCESS: Thermal shock, double anaerobic, washed
ROAST PROFILE: Light (filter roast).

Since 2015, Finca El Paraíso has started to distinguish and position itself as a specialty coffee producer and a family business dedicated to the cultivation, processing, production, and marketing of high-quality coffee through participation in various regional and national competitions.

Diego achieved this result by implementing rigorous fertilization programs, developing advanced fermentation and washing techniques, and controlling the fermentation with self-produced microorganisms. Diego has even created his own ecological dryers that run on condensation principles.

He was among the first in Colombia to start experimenting with fermentation processes by adding different microorganisms and yeasts. By now, he has developed various recipes with a high degree of repeatability based on a rigorous approach to processing in an almost industrial style, in which cleanliness and a controlled environment are essential.

Its experimental thermal shock process, using cold and hot water, ensures that the beans' unique flavors and aromas are best absorbed. Each fermentation variable is controlled and optimized: from the yeasts added, to the fermentation time, to the temperature of the tank or water.

    In this lot, called the ‘Red Plum’, Diego Bermúdez starts with deliberately picking only overripe cherries.
    After floating and screening the cherries, they load them into stainless steel bioreactors, and create an anaerobic environment for the first fermentation step. As the cherries break down during the fermentation, they release some of their juices, which are collected to prepare the yeast culture that will be added to the second 120H anaerobic fermentation process.

    The final step in the fermentation is a thermal shock, a technique Diego pioneered. The temperature in the tank is briefly increased to 40°C, to open up the pores in the parchment and allow flavour compounds to penetrate the beans.
    The beans are then washed with cold water at 12°C to clean and rapidly cool the beans, before drying them mechanically for 34 hours at 35 ° C and 25% humidity until the beans reach 10-11% humidity.

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